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Support 1-25 users
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Happy Users


"In 2016, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and interstitial cystitis. For the decade before I was poked and prodded and scanned and mostly made to believe and almost convinced it was all in my head. Anxiety.


Can Verb help my clients reach their goal?

Verb will be an addition to your toolbelt. Stay in contact with your clients without being on your phone 24/7. Verb coach will give your clients the TLC they all wish they had from a coach or trainer 🚀

How much will Verb cost?

Verb's cost is dependent on the number of clients you work with and plans start from as low as $199 per month. Platform demos are free of charge 💳

Can Verb help me build a better/bigger business?

Verb can be the extra value you've been wanting to give your clients but don't have the time for. Upcharge clients as a premium add-on or use it to strengthen your offering. Let Verb do the heavy lifting 🏋️

Can Verb be tailored to my client's story?

Yes! You can add extra check-ins, questions, and feedback to uniquely tailor your offering and your client’s experience 👍

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